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Vehicle Options

We have a range of vehicle types to suit your requirements:


We have a fleet of over 440, white, late model cars. All drivers are trained, professional and uniformed with excellent area knowledge. The Company created a new rule mid way through 2008, that no petrol only vehicles are allowed to enter the fleet. This is part of our reduction plan and environmental policy. Within 6 years our entire taxi fleet will consist of more fuel efficient vehicles. We are also constantly looking for newer more efficient vehicles we can allow into the fleet.


  • We have ten 10 seater vans and one 6 seater available.
  • Please be aware that the vans are used for school runs so you may be required to pre-book a van to ensure their availability.
  • Vans incur a $10 additional charge to the final fare.

Total Mobility

We have 9 vans that can cater to the needs of disabled customers however these are fully committed to school runs from 7.30am to 9.00am and 2.15pm to 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

Wellington Combined Shuttles

Fully owned subsidiary of Wellington Combined Taxis, with up to 40 vans.

Click here to view the Wellington Combined Shuttles Website

150 Adelaide Road, Newtown WELLINGTON
Telephone: 387-8787
Fax: 387-8789
Email: shuttles@taxis.co.nz

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