frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I pay by cheque

Some drivers take personal cheques. Please let the call-taker know you wish to pay by cheque when you place your order, and the cab assigned to you will accept them.

2. Can I take my dog in a taxi? 

As above, some drivers will take animals, but please let the call-taker know on ordering.
By law, a taxi driver cannot turn down a Seeing Eye dog accompanied by a blind person. 

3. Why are taxi vans so hard to get on Friday / Saturday nights? 

We only have a few taxi vans, most of which do double duty as total mobility (wheelchair) vehicles. These vans work long weeks and on Friday and Saturday nights only 1 or 2 will usually work. Hence vans are a rarity, however we do have Shuttles available. These can be booked online at or call 04 387 87 87. Please ring and arrange it well before it is required, preferably at least 24 hours in advance.

4. Can you take 5 passengers in a taxi?


We do not have any 5 seater taxis in our fleet. Vans or Shuttles are available, however its best to prebook these.

5. Can you deliver my groceries?


For pre-paid items, no problem.  We are unable to purchase goods for you, as it is quite common for our drivers to be left out of pocket and have to return items.  

6. Can you deliver alcohol / Cigarettes?


In short, no. It is illegal to buy alcohol then sell it on to you without the proper license. Even if the alcohol is pre-paid, we cannot know that it is not destined for a minor.  The same applies to cigarettes.

7. Why is my pre-ordered taxi late?


Pre-ordering a taxi gives you priority, and we endeavour to get your cab to you at the required time, but sometimes vagaries of traffic/weather etc. turn even the best laid plans to dust. 

8. Can I order a taxi van to help me move flat?


No, a taxi van cannot help you move flat.

9. Will the driver knock on my door when he/she arrives?


As a safety measure, we prefer that you do not ask us to knock on your door at night. If you require notice of arrival, please ask the call-taker when placing your order, and we will ring you.

10. Can a driver refuse to take me? 


Taxi or shuttle drivers can refuse passengers if, on reasonable grounds, they consider:

·         Their personal safety would be threatened or endangered.

·         The intending passenger is under the influence of drink or drugs.

·         The intending passenger is in a filthy condition.

·         The intending passenger is consuming food or drink.

·         The intending passenger is noisy, violent or is disturbing the public peace.

·         The intending passenger is accompanied by an animal, unless that person’s sight is impaired and the animal is a guide dog.

·         The intending passenger owes the driver for a previous fare and refuses to pay what is owed.

·         The intending passenger does not have enough money to meet the cost of the journey (the driver has the right to ask for payment in advance).

·         The number of passengers wishing to travel exceeds the number stated on the vehicle’s loading certificate.

·         If the vehicle is a taxi the driver may also refuse a passenger if the driver does not hold an Area Knowledge Certificate that qualifies him or her to operate within a specific area.

The driver may also terminate the journey at any time for any of the above reasons.

11. I've lost my bag/phone etc in a taxi how do I get it back?

Any property found in a taxi is required to be dropped at the nearest police station within 24 hours if not claimed sooner. 

If you leave something in a taxi, please try and remember what cab number and/or the driver's name (as shown on the id card which all taxi drivers are required to display in clear view of the passenger). 

If you don't remember either of these details, the pickup address, time and date, and drop off point are important information in the finding of lost property. 

“It was a white taxi and we got it somewhere in town about 1 - 3 am on Saturday night” is not very good info to work on. Please remember there are about 28 taxi companies in the Wellington region, and a lot of them have white cars.

If you lose a cell phone, try ringing it first.

12. Do you provide car seats for children?


No. By law we are not required to provide car seats. All children must be restrained appropriately, otherwise there is a risk of a fine. For more information, see

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