The carboNZero programme and CEMARS programme are the world’s first internationally accredited greenhouse gas certification schemes under ISO 14065 and we here at Wellington Combined Taxis are proud that we were the first taxi service in New Zealand to achieve carbon neutral certification.

Its no secret that given the nature of the taxi business, We here at Wellington Combined Taxis are well aware that we have a direct impact on the local environment. With encouragement from the Mayor, local business leaders, our customers and a clear understanding that climate change has shifted into a new gear we decided to embark on a journey toward carbon neutrality.

It wasn't an easy ride as a perceived large emitter we knew that we would face numerous challenges.

We expected scepticism from some quarters at our attempt to measure let alone reduce our carbon footprint and concern over possible increased costs from our loyal customers. Therefore it was vital that we engaged the highest level of credibility and integrity so these challenges were overcome and to ensure we steered clear of Greenwash.

We chose the worlds 1st internationally accredited greenhouse gas (GHG) certification scheme and the only accredited ISO14065 GHG verifier outside of the USA, the carboNZero programme managed by the government owned Landcare Research to measure and manage (reduce) our emissions and operating costs, then offset our remaining unavoidable emissions by cancelling credible and verified carbon credits from the Tararua windpower project.

There were no short cuts on this journey, nor should there be. It was the commitment and dedication from everyone at Wellington Combined Taxis that meant we were able to achieve the highest standards in GHG certification and become the first taxi service in New Zealand to achieve certified carbon neutrality

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