Lost Property

We legally cannot hold lost property on site. 

If you have lost a mobile phone we recommend that you ring the number to alert the driver and help locate it.
You can also activate the tracking feature to assist in locating it if it gets lost.

Under 2 hours

Please call 0800 384 4444

Within 24 hours 

Please give the details below, please provide your booking name, pick up & drop off date/time/locations, cab number(if known), and driver ID on receipt to assist us locate your lost property quickly. 

After 24 hours

Any property found in a taxi is required to be dropped at the nearest police station within 24 hours if not claimed sooner. Please phone central police station at 04 381 2000 for more than 24 hours. 

The lost property info is listed on FAQ page of the website underQuestion 12. I've left something in the taxi, where do I retrieve it? Please refer to: https://www.taxis.co.nz/about/FAQ/

Please note: 

If you know that you have left an item in the taxi but the driver is unable to find it this does not mean that the driver has stolen it. It is far more likely that a passenger picked up after you have left the taxi has found the item and not advised the driver. Not all of our passengers are as honest as we would like. 

The driver is most unlikely to steal any property left in their taxi. All taxi drivers must pass a “Fit & Proper Person” assessment undertaken by the NZ Police. A conviction for stealing would result in the suspension of their licence and the loss of their job. All drivers understand that phones can be tracked and, if used, they will be caught.

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